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People often ask, 'What kinds of issues do people most frequently bring to you as a Counsellor?' While it's difficult to establish themes and trends with certainty, 2019 has begun with a number of people struggling with anxiety and a general sense of low confidence. People who come to counselling tend to think they are coping far less ably than the people they see around them. It's easy to make assumptions about how other people are 'managing' their lives and relationships, and to believe they are strong and ... we are not. We all try so hard to put on a brave face and give an impression of being in control. Geoff's experience is that many people wear masks in an attempt to convey 'everything's OK'. The reality is something quite different.

Perhaps you have reached a place of needing to let down the mask for a while and find some peace of mind ..... and perhaps find some solutions to situations you feel you are quite stuck with. There may be more choices than you currently believe there are.

If you are looking for a Counsellor in Swindon with a proven track record, consider Geoff before you trawl further!

Geoff is an experienced counsellor and workplace consultant. His 25 years of providing talking therapies and broader workplace consultancy to individuals and organisations have taught him that it can be something major or sometimes relatively small that prevents us coping as effectively as we want to. Geoff works on the basis that we all have strengths and resilience with which we can reconnect when time and care are invested by client and counsellor.

Clients and colleagues tell Geoff (without prompting!) that he is warm and approachable as well as being focused in identifying how best clients can be supported and empowered. Geoff works with 'person centred' values at the heart of his style and approach, focusing on the importance of respect and trust in the therapeutic relationship.

Geoff's clinical experience includes addictions work, short term and solution-focused therapy, coaching and supporting employees and managers in the workplace and applying problem-solving models to issues and relationships that get 'stuck'.

Sometimes just a single session or perhaps a few sessions help the process of regaining control of ourselves and of our situation. While Geoff has specialised in the area of workplace counselling and consultancy, including stress management, he is happy to discuss with you any counselling needs, requiring either brief or longer-term support. Geoff believes we all have strengths and resilience we can reconnect with, when time and care are invested by counsellor and client.

So if you need a Counsellor or Workplace Consultant in Swindon or Cirencester, in fact counselling or consultancy services throughout the Cotswolds area, please contact Geoff.

It's not always helpful to list issues that trigger someone's thoughts about making some changes and developing new insights, as the list can never be complete, but they might include:

Relationship problems - at home or work
Job uncertainties and changes
Career issues
Faith and spirituality matters

Geoff has professional premises located in:

Swindon, Old Town (SN1 4AS) and Cirencester Town Centre (GL7 2PF)

More information about Geoff's approach to counselling can be found on his page at The Counselling Directory :

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