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Working as a Business Partner with Employers

The past 20 years in the Employee Assistance sector (EAPs) have given Geoff good insight into not only how best to support individuals but also what organisations need when they invest in support services for their people. Sometimes issues in the workplace or at home can get in the way of individuals being able to function at their best. At such times, Geoff can work with an organisation to deliver support that takes account of both individual and organisational needs.

Geoff has long and sound experience of working with Line Managers, Human Resources, Occupational Health providers and other leadership groups in organisations. He can ensure, through appropriate professional dialogue with the organisation, that support is given to individuals with due sensitivity and attention to the context of the issue. Thereby, whenever possible, all 'stakeholders' can gain benefit from the support put in place.

Geoff's experience of working with small and large organisations in the public and private sectors makes him sensitive to attending to the culture and values of organisations, so that counselling, coaching, mediation and training provided match the way in which organisations want and need their people to develop.

Speak to Geoff about workplace consultancy business needs in Cirencester, Swindon and other places within a reasonable geographical range. Do you need any of these:

Management Referrals for Counselling and Coaching
Workplace/Organisational Mediation
Training in psychology-related skills and awareness
Trauma & Critical Incident Response
Bespoke structured support sessions for front line professionals whose work is psychologically and emotionally demanding

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